There is a lot happening when it comes to logistics. A stable, robust IT-environment plays a crucial role in successfully managing this, because the exchange between and continuous availability of information is crucial. At Fritom Corporate we provide the most reliable and professional IT-environment for all Fritom subsidiaries.

Advanced IT-systems for every business possible
Advanced IT-systems for every business possible
Optimal client data protection
Optimal client data protection
Data in professional hands
Data in professional hands
Guaranteed continuity of processes
Guaranteed continuity of processes

Advanced IT-systems for every business possible

Fritom Corporate’s IT strives for the most optimized processes, both on the road and on location. Our professional systems support this by:

  • Our on-board computer systems which allows us to determine locations, communicate with the drivers, receive immediate proof of delivery (POD) and status update of the order.
  • Via our planning systems the planners of our subsidiaries determine the optimal route.
  • We also use of the Business Intelligence systems (BI) to analyze processes and tweak them where needed
  • The Warehouse Management and Transport Management Systems (WMS and TMS) are essential to provide insights in logistic processes like planning, stock, storage, order processing, billing and fleet management. It also keeps both parties updated on the estimated time of arrival.

My Fritom is another successful tool for Fritom’s clients because it gives clients a personal portal where they can find all logistical information. Fritom Corporate developed My Fritom based on years of customers experiences. The system can be operational within a (business) day and offers:

  • Track&Trace with the most current status updates of shipments.
  • Possibilities to always make new shipments; to handle shipments which have a neutral loading or unloading address, and to import addresses and specifications of goods.
  • Actual stock numbers and mutations.
  • Downloads, like shipping documents, POD, reports and analyses.
  • ADR-information according to the latest international standard.

Optimal client data protection

At Fritom Corporate we guard the privacy of our clients and colleagues. Of course, we meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. To do so we have processing agreements with all our service providers and application suppliers. This means, amongst others, that our third-party data support parties declare to handle all personal data with care.

Goed beschermde klantgegevens

Data in professional hands

The continuity and availability of our IT-systems is crucial for our service. Therefore, it is very important to take data safety precautions. That is why we store data securely at professional datacenters. On top of this, we store back-up information at a – physically - separate location to guarantee maximum safety storage.

Continuïteit van processen geborgd

Guaranteed continuity of processes

Because we monitor our servers and applications 24/7, the continuity of our processes is guaranteed. Our IT-suppliers meet the following criteria:

  • ISO 27001: International information security standard.
  • NEN 7510: Information security standard for the Dutch healthcare sector.
  • ISEA (Type 2): International assurance standard.

At Fritom Corporate we take care of

  • Advanced IT-systems within reach
  • Optimal client data protection
  • Data in professional hands
  • Guaranteed continuity of processes

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